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Angel Fest 2023 Recap—Choose Your Own Adventure: Busting Through Misconceptions

Mickayla Rosard

24 August 2023

Welcome back to our special Angel Fest 2023 recap series and the thrilling world of angel investing! This Angel Fest panel is aimed at breaking down barriers and misconceptions surrounding angel investing, encouraging individuals from all walks of life to take part in their own unique investing journey. In this session titled "Choose Your Own Adventure," we bring you three remarkable angel investors, each with their unique perspectives, experiences, and investment approaches.


Here, panelists—Bonnie Speer McGrath, Maurice Holloman, and Jason Bauer—delve into the various paths of early stage investing. What brought them to it? How have they practiced angel investing along the way?

Question 1: What is your thesis? Why did you get started angel investing in the first place?

Our panelists share their inspiring paths into the world of angel investing, shedding light on their individual investment focuses. Jason, with his scientific background, delves into the med tech space, while Bonnie, a serial entrepreneur, casts her net wide across various industries, searching for captivating ideas and people. Discover how their journeys into entrepreneurship led them to embrace angel investing.



Question 2: What were your first couple of investments, and where did they come from?

Uncover the highs and lows, the lessons learned, and how these early experiences have shaped their investing strategies today. Jason candidly admits to his initial naivety in the diligence process, sharing how he navigated through the med tech venture community, gaining valuable insights along the way.




Question 3: What was going around in your head that prevented you from getting started? How did you break through this?

In this segment, we explore the fears and hesitations our panelists faced before starting their angel investing journey. With the knowledge that many startups fail, discover how the panel found the confidence to overcome these obstacles and embrace the journey, realizing that success often comes with its fair share of strikeouts.



Question 4: How do you mitigate risk in your portfolio?

Listen as our panelists share their strategies for minimizing risks in their investment portfolios by understanding the founder's vision, assessing their realism, determination, and resilience in the face of potential roadblocks.







"Choose Your Own Adventure" has not only enlightened us about angel investing but also emphasized the importance of embracing diverse perspectives and experiences.

Now, it's time for you to embark on your own angel investing adventure. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, a scientist with a passion for innovation, or an individual with a keen eye for promising ideas, the world of angel investing provides opportunities for everyone.

Thank you for following our Angel Fest recap series as we continue to break down the misconceptions surrounding angel investing and empower a new generation of investors.

Mickayla Rosard

Mickayla Rosard has bolstered the entrepreneurship ecosystem through access to capital. Throughout her career she has procured $138 million of investment into the upper Midwest. Mickayla's focus at Groove Capital is investor relations and growing the angel network. Mickayla also is a Fellow at Forge North, leading a statewide project to engage more angel investors, especially women and minorities. Mickayla first cut her teeth in venture in 2009 at Dakota Venture Group. She holds FINRA series 63 and 82 securities licenses.

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