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Angel Fest 2023 Recap—The Power Couple: Unveiling the Secrets of Angel Investing

Mickayla Rosard

09 August 2023

Step into the world of angel investing as we unveil the thrilling highlights from Angel Fest 2023— the Midwest's foremost conference empowering and educating angel investors.

A crowd favorite from the 2023 program was "The Power Couple" panel, where the audience witnessed a candid conversation between a founder and one of his first investors. Moderated by Sarah Bain, the session featured two esteemed panelists—Tyree Burks, the visionary founder and CEO of Players Health, and Troy Vosseller, the co-founder of Gener8tor. 


In this exclusive recap, we bring you insights into their remarkable journey, the magic of their partnership, and the pivotal role investors play in nurturing promising startups.

The topics discussed range from what drew Troy to Tyree's venture, the value of investor-founder friendships, to the critical support investors provide when things hit the fan. Get ready to dive into this compelling panel session, as we explore the power of relationships, transparency, and trust in angel investing.

Troy's Attraction to Players' Health - A Winning Combination

Find out what sparked Troy's interest in Players Health as he reveals the key factors that drew him to Tyree's vision. From assessing the CEO's capabilities to considering market factors and fit, Troy unravels the thought process behind his investment decisions. This clip serves as a blueprint for founders seeking to catch the eye of potential investors and understand what drives their interest.

The Founder-Investor Relationship - A Shared Journey

Learn how Gener8tor played a pivotal role in transforming Tyree's passion into a thriving business, despite his limited background in finance. This clip reveals the true essence of angel investing, going beyond financial support and exploring the lasting impact investors can have on a founder's journey.

Navigating Roadblocks - The Investor's Helping Hand

In this section we see how investors can support founders when they encounter challenges. This clip demonstrates the true value of an investor's experience and expertise in steering a startup towards success.

The Heart of Angel Investing - Personal Relationships

Hear from both Tyree and Troy as they highlight the importance of genuinely connecting with one another beyond the transactional nature of investments. This clip emphasizes the significance of trust, transparency, and genuine camaraderie in building a strong investor-founder friendship.

The Impact of Angel Investors - Beyond the Money

Explore the lasting impact of angel investors on businesses as Tyree shares his personal experience. Discover why it's not just about the money and how investors like Troy can provide support beyond financial backing. This clip sheds light on the intangible yet invaluable contributions investors make to the growth and success of a startup.


The "Power Couple" provided a fascinating glimpse into the world of angel investing through the eyes of Tyree Burks and Troy Vosseller. Their unique perspectives as founder and investor unraveled the secrets of successful early-stage investments and the vital role personal relationships play in the process.

Whether founder or investor, we hoped you found this transparent look into the relationship between the two insightful. If you enjoyed this exclusive recap, check out our previous debrief here and keep your eyes peeled for future recaps in the following weeks. 

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Mickayla Rosard

Mickayla Rosard has bolstered the entrepreneurship ecosystem through access to capital. Throughout her career she has procured $138 million of investment into the upper Midwest. Mickayla's focus at Groove Capital is investor relations and growing the angel network. Mickayla also is a Fellow at Forge North, leading a statewide project to engage more angel investors, especially women and minorities. Mickayla first cut her teeth in venture in 2009 at Dakota Venture Group. She holds FINRA series 63 and 82 securities licenses.

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