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Angel Fest Recap: Talk Numbers to Me

Mickayla Rosard

24 July 2023

Angel Fest, hosted by Groove, is the area’s largest conference dedicated to empowering and educating new and seasoned angel investors. This year’s conference covered everything from cap table considerations to the founder-angel journey.


One of the audience's favorite panels this year was Talk Numbers to Me, which delved into the quantitative side of making investments. The conversation was moderated by Hailey Margetta, and included thoughts from our three esteemed panelists—Daren Cotter, Kelly Prchal, and Reed Robinson—each representing a unique flavor of early-stage investing.


Keep reading to explore some highlights from the discussion (the tell-all rapid-fire round is fire), and pay close attention to the nuance of the varying strategies as we bounce from the individual to SPV to venture fund vantage points.


In this fast-paced whiteboard session, our experts engage in a rapid-fire exchange of questions and answers, providing concise yet impactful insights into the world of angel investing. We cover everything from the time taken to evaluate an investment to the percentage of investments we expect to fail.



This clip uncovers the factors that shape an angel’s investment strategy. Viewers will see the variety of approaches and learn about the importance of customizing the experience to your own goals. 


In this section, we gain a deeper understanding of how market trends influence investment decisions, and whether investors should approach a looming recession with caution or optimism. Sneak preview… some of the most successful recent startups began their journeys during the 2008 recession.


Valuations and terms can be complicated for new founders and investors alike. In this clip, the panelists discuss the importance of setting favorable terms that effectively balance risk and return while setting up both investors and founders for future success, or vice versa.


You’re now ready to leverage the power of numbers to elevate your angel investing journey to new heights! If you enjoyed this exclusive recap, keep your eyes peeled for future recaps in the following weeks. 

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Mickayla Rosard

Mickayla Rosard has bolstered the entrepreneurship ecosystem through access to capital. Throughout her career she has procured $138 million of investment into the upper Midwest. Mickayla's focus at Groove Capital is investor relations and growing the angel network. Mickayla also is a Fellow at Forge North, leading a statewide project to engage more angel investors, especially women and minorities. Mickayla first cut her teeth in venture in 2009 at Dakota Venture Group. She holds FINRA series 63 and 82 securities licenses.

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