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Ask a Founder: Andy Freivogel

Ramaud Bowman

22 February 2022

Awareness, empathy, and diversity may not be the first traits that typically come to mind when thinking about venture capital. In a world of raising funds, investing capital, and scaling businesses, it may seem as though the numbers, data, and analytics are the most vital metric to value. But according to Andy Freivogel, co-founder and CEO at Science On Call, it is more than that.

Andy has taken a slightly different approach in searching for venture partners. Being a tech support company for restaurants, Andy and fellow co-founders Luisa Castellanos and Ken Tsang understand the importance of supporting and being supported. Whether assisting a restaurant with a technical malfunction or implementing advice from a venture partner, the idea of support is an integral piece of Andy’s business. Andy and his team are focusing on three attributes: awareness, empathy, and diversity in order to cultivate and seek the right support. While Andy understands the importance of the numbers, he places special attention on these three traits because of the strength and endless capabilities relationships have. 

Andy believes venture partners who are self-aware and have empathy empathy enables transparent, intentional, and strong communication between Science On Call and fellow venture partners. Cultivating a relationship built on awareness and empath can generally address, attack, and conquer adversity in sight.

Last but not least, diversity is the engine that drives Science On Call’s business and relationship with partners. Diversity can come in many forms. Andy strongly believes that diversity in ethnicity, demographic, sex, opinion, and more sits at the heart of what he looks for in venture partners and customers. Although a CEO of a company, Andy fully embraces the belief that we must learn from everyone, especially from those with different experiences and viewpoints. If one’s 360 degree learning environment consists of a plethora of identities and experiences, there is opportunity for exponential growth. Being exposed to different perspectives in a self-aware and empathetic culture creates intersections of ideas, which is the core of innovation. 

Andy looks to serve others within his business, but he understands that an important part of giving is being able to receive. That is why Andy looks to venture partners for more than financial support, but rather a personal relationship that goes beyond the numbers.


“We are always looking for introductions to those within the restaurant community. Whether that be operators, franchise groups, literally anybody…Because at the end of the day we service others, and the more we know about the community we are serving, the better the service.” Andy Freivogel


Ramaud Bowman

Ramaud studied at Northwestern University, where he majored in Learning and Organizational Change, while playing football for the Wildcats (he was a stud). At Northwestern, Ramaud cofounded multiple student-led groups, including the Black Student-Athlete Alliance and The Big Ten Unity Group. He also consulted on projects aimed to provide a better quality of life for underserved communities. When he’s free, he loves watching/playing fútbol, reading books, drawing, and watching anime.

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