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Ask a Founder: Aashiish Agnihotri

Brianna Sharp

15 February 2022

“Simply put, how have angel investors impacted your company?”

This was the first question that I asked Aashiish Agnihotri, founder of xDot Medical, in a conversation about the effect that angels have had on his startup.

“xDot Medical is an early-stage medical device startup, working to solve an unmet need. Medical devices are very expensive to build. Angels have enabled us to do the early work and begin building our product.”   

Angels have contributed to xDot Medical in more ways than enabling the company to begin their product build-out, though. Aashiish says that angels have been the backbone of the team’s emotional support, the feedback of potential customers, the devil's advocate of different processes, the advice behind the business plan, and the individuals who have made it possible for xDot Medical to be where it is today.

The appreciation for angels was beyond evident throughout my conversation with Aashiish. Angels hugely impact startups and can indefinitely change their trajectory. What was notable in our discussion was the many ways in which angels have contributed, whether it be sharing their time, connections, energy, or money.  

The one piece of advice from an angel that sticks in Aashiish’s mind is the sentiment that “the startup journey is a lot like a round of golf.” The angel explained to Aashish that in an 18-hole round of golf, there are many challenges. However, it’s important to focus on one hole at a time and keep moving forward with your best shot, despite the outcome of the previous holes. Aashiish has taken this to heart and continues to give each challenge his best shot, all while appreciating the generous, essential contributions that angels have made to his company.

xDot Medical is a portfolio company of Groove Capital Fund 1. 

Brianna Sharp

Brianna Sharp is a student at the University of Minnesota majoring in Entrepreneurial Management and minoring in Spanish and Marketing. She enjoys the creativity behind entrepreneurship and is excited to work with Groove to experience the creation of companies first-hand. In her free time, Brianna likes to run, spend time with friends and family, and play volleyball.

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