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Giving thanks to Minnesota startups and early stage investors

Abby Nevin

21 November 2023

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Groove is thankful for the work that Minnesota startups are doing. So many Minnesota startup companies that reflect important values and are truly making a positive difference in the world. 


Personal Meaning Behind Investing  

While investing, it is important to think about the storyline and mission behind the companies. The financial opportunities are nice but the long-lasting satisfaction comes from looking at the bigger, broader picture. There are plenty of startups to applaud, but this season we want to give thanks to a few portfolio companies that are advancing our healthcare, reshaping education, and keeping us fed.  

Advancing our  Healthcare

Minnesota has a longstanding history of being a leader in healthcare. The work of Mayo Clinic, 3M, and Medtronic put Minnesota on the map, but organizations like Forge North and Medical Alley have organized the local healthcare industry to work together to change healthcare for the better. This landed Minnesota the prestigious U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) designation of MedTech Hub. 

Bloom Standard is amidst those creating change within the healthcare industry, and a company giving us reason to be thankful. Bloom Standard’s mission is to save lives by removing the barriers to essential ultrasound imaging. Their newest prototype picked up a large ventricular septal defect in a newborn just 2 days into the screening protocol. Their device saved the newborn's life.

Reshaping Education

Teachers are often regarded among the heroes in our communities. And after a few extra days at home with your kids, you might be extra thankful for all that our teachers do! Yet teachers often are placed in difficult situations without the proper professional development tools they need. Enter Proserva, a teacher certification, licensure, and professional development tool all on one easy to use platform. Proserva’s platform offers relevant, remote, and personalized professional learning experiences with the goal of empowering teachers and ultimately making a difference in students' lives. 

Keeping as Fed

Thanksgiving is centered around food, so it is only fitting to give a nod to the many farmers, manufacturers, growers, and innovators keeping us fed. Minnesota has a home-field advantage in food and agriculture, with big names like General Miles, Land O’Lakes, and Cargill calling Minnesota home. But at Groove, we also see startups on the daily who are reshaping what our food and agriculture landscape might look like down the road. A great example of this is, Fractal, a farm financing company, is making it possible for farmers to finance. Fractal continues to bring investors alongside farmers to create a better and more impactful farmland investment making it achievable for farmers to finance. So this season thank a farmer and their financier! 

In Summary 

Bloom Standard, Proserva, and Fractal serve as inspiration for what the future holds. These Minnesota startups demonstrate qualities of being resilient, resourceful, and impactful. As Thanksgiving approaches, Groove extends heartfelt thanks to these startups, and so many more, for their continuous strive and dedication to create a better, more sustainable future for all! Happy Thanksgiving!

Abby Nevin

Abby Nevin is the Marketing intern at Groove Capital and is currently a sophomore at St. Olaf College where she is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Economics and Psychology with a concentration in Business Management. Abby loves to use her creative side by designing graphics that are displayed on social media platforms and she likes to communicate with founders and investors. Outside of marketing, Abby enjoys playing softball at St. Olaf, shopping and hanging out with her family and friends. Ultimately, Abby’s career goal is to pursue a career in Marketing, Communications, or Sales.

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